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Why should you have a relationship with Search?

We connect your talent with companies, supporting you in your personal and professional development, through advice, coaching, and monitoring in each of the processes.


They are those who understand that career development is their own responsibility of their own and that is nourished by the experience of others.

That is why we value and enhance those stories that have led you to become the professional you are -and the one dream to be.

Why you
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Coaching conexiones

We are a constant exposure advantage

Match perfecto

We give you guidance about the labor market


We boost your professional career

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a Global
talent network

Con más de 27 años de experiencia,  construyendo y desarrollando las carreras de miles de personas.



Iconos oportunidades Laborales
Did we find you or did you find us

Whether you applied for one of our vacancies or we invited you to participate in a process, we will evaluate how your profile fits the requirements indicated by our client.

Icono de entrevista en las oficinas de Search
Interviewing you

Someone from our team of talent hunters will meet with you to know more about you and go deep in your professional profile and career expectations.

Icono Presentamos tu perfil a nuestro cliente
Introducing your profile

We will connect you with those companies that have opportunities available to you. We guarantee confidentiality throughout the process.

Icono de Entrevista con el cliente
Meeting the client

We support you in coordinating the meetings you will have with the company, providing advice throughout the process.

Icono Oferta y Contratación
You are hired!

If your experience is what the customer needs, you will receive an offer.

If you are not selected, we will continue to work with you in search of the next step in your career.

Our motivation
is to change

More than a process, an experience!