Let us build a professional resume together

A resume must have a summary of your work experience, highlighting your skills, education, and achievements that have been important for the companies you have worked for -and for the position you have been in and the one you are applying for.

Part of our training includes tips to help you develop your professional resume. Take them into account whether you are starting to build your resume or have already acquired a lot of experience.

In order to make a good first impression, please pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Carefully draft the document to adapt it to the job you are applying for, to the offer.
  • Present your qualifications and competencies in a clear and logical manner.
  • Do not forget any details that may be significant, neither in form nor in content.
  • It should be brief: a maximum of two pages, although the ideal resume is only one page to facilitates its reading.
  • In the Work Experience section, highlight those jobs that are related to the position you are applying for.
  • If your professional experience is short or non-existent, highlight your training, internships, and collaborations.
  • Pay special attention not to “exaggerate” or “pad” the resume, as your deception can be discovered in the interview.
  • If you do not want to start from scratch, you can download the resume templates that we have prepared for you.

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